Want to cook only
3 days a week?

But enjoy delicious healthy food all week long?

If you’re an overwhelmed foodie who scrambles with every day meal prep, keep reading! With my Food Prep for Foodies membership, you’ll transform into a confident cook, able to whip up beautiful gourmet dishes - often at a moment’s notice.


You’re driving back from vacation, you’re almost home. You’re tired of eating out, tired of spending money, everyone is starving and crabby. you walk into the house, you don’t have any fresh food in the refrigerator, but no worries, you go to the freezer and pull out 4 little meatloaves and 4 slices of that good artisan bread you froze 2 months ago. you microwave the meatloaves for a few minutes, toast the breast in the broiler for 2 minutes and dinner is done! Faster than you can order pizza or delivery. That’s the beauty and power of food prep. 

Delicious food when you want it!

Thanks to Amy’s suggestions for cooking larger recipes and freezing them for later meals, I have learned to make certain to have delicious meals waiting in the freezer. I am not fond of cooking each day for sure, so having main dishes as handy as thawing or microwaving is truly wonderful. I have acquired the necessary tools that she recommended and find cooking no longer a chore. The Instant Pot is invaluable, as well as the sealer, and the silicone molds for freezing soups and meat loaves.

Barbara Culling

Venice, Florida

I am a confirmed leftover hater. Before Amy taught me the Gourmet Done Skinny Meal Method, I relied on takeout or expensive meal prep kits to feed my family and dinnertime was the most stressful part of my day. I now cook healthier food that my family loves and I am saving money. I'm also saving time because I've learned how to save for the right way so it tastes as fresh and delicious as the day I made it.

Susan Nunley

Sacramento, California

A unique flexible food prep membership that leaves
“boring meals” to the other methods.

The system I provide in The Food Prep for Foodies Membership helps you create and preserve meals in a way that eliminates stress, saves you money and time! By simply following my Gourmet Done Skinny Meal Method, you’ll be a Foodie Prep Pro in no time! 

This unique approach to food prep allows you to create beautiful healthy meals 3 days per week and enjoy the rest of the days of the week with minimal cooking. Or you can use my other two options of meal prep.

It's just as easy to make three meals as it is to make one meal!

And that's just one of my tricks and tips!

Think about it...
do you like doing all those dishes?

Why not make a bigger batch in the first place and freeze the rest for later?
Clean up only once.
It's faster to pull a meal from the freezer and reheat it than it is to order delivery, which often takes an hour or more and the food arrives cold.

Before you order out, shop in your refrigerator or freezer!

My Gourmet Done Skinny Meal Method saves you time, money, energy, calories, and most of all relieves your stress about what to cook for dinner!

Our Christmas season went so smoothly that I must tell you about it. As you know I had prepared a number of Foodie Recipes ahead of time and had them in the freezer. It was so comforting to know they were there when mealtime came.

We saved time and money by having a variety of food selections to choose from and I fully intend to keep this fabulous food prep going. Thanks to Amy and Food Prep For Foodies.

Tom Culling


It was a quiet New Year’s weekend for us, so I cooked each day. Ready for the freezer section, and Crack Chicken starting to freeze today.

This is such a great idea to have, Amy…thanks a million!! I’m looking forward to the new year with you and your inspirations!

Ricky Herrick


I am loving all the videos/how to's on the Membership site! I am slowly making my way through them... learning a lot and LOVING all the fabulous recipes!

This way of cooking is a game changer, especially with a busy family. Knowing I have meals ready to go in the freezer that I can pull out when we don't have a plan for dinner has been so convenient and economical!

Melissa Ford


Does this sound familiar?

Constantly thinking, "What should I make for dinner?"
Always "running to the store" to pick up "something"
Ordering expensive Door Dash or Uber Eats at the last minute 
You make a list, you buy the groceries, but "something" comes up
You order Hello Fresh or Blue Apron, but there's not enough food because someone decided to drop by at the last minute?

So, why should you try Food Prep for Foodies?

My food prep method is super easy! Think how much you would save if you didn't go to Starbucks at the last minute to grab breakfast. Not only would you save 200 calories, but you would also save money. (If you go to Starbucks for breakfast 3 times a week, that's over $100 a month!) My egg cups are only 48 cents each, plus they taste better, are healthier, bigger, and more filling.

Hi there! I'm Amy!

Since 2003, I've been in the food and restaurant industry. But I've been a "foodie" all of my life!

As a former restaurant owner, I developed my own unique food prep methods many years ago as I wanted to serve homemade gourmet food to my tea room customers.

I am dedicated to showing others you don't have to suffer eating boring, bland meals to lose weight and be your best self. I am passionate about teaching other foodies how to make beautiful gourmet meals to enjoy today, preserve, and freeze for another day. I developed my Gourmet Done Skinny Meal Method to show busy foodies how with minimal planning and prep they can enjoy these healthy, gourmet, home-cooked meals all week long.

It all became clear to me after being a guest speaker on a bonus call for Weight Loss Made Real...

I didn't realize my food prep methods were that extraordinary until I did a bonus call for the members of Cookie Rosenbaum's program Weight Loss Made Real. Their response was overwhelming! That's when I knew my method was actually something life-changing!

While meal prep services like Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, Home Chef are a great help to people, they are expensive and they also serve a slightly different purpose than my Gourmet Done Skinny Meal Method.

 Their goal is to give you exact proportions so there are no leftovers, which means you are cooking every day.

You can save over $15,000 a year by cooking your own food vs ordering from Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, Home Chef, and similar services. And it tastes better too!

Would you like to go from this...

frustrated with what to fix for dinner every night
overwhelmed and afraid to cook "gourmet"
not creative in the kitchen
low energy because of you're eating so much processed food
bored with recipes
tired of making separate meals every night for picky eaters
tired of eating out

To this!?

cooking only 3 days per week (up to 1 hr of prep time) knowing if you don't feel like cooking tonight you can just "shop" in your freezer
confident and in control
creative, can put together impressive meals in a flash
high energy because you're cooking and eating "real" food
passionate about "tweaking" something to create something new
easy to pull out other foods for picky eaters
saving money because cooking at home is so much less expensive

My mom is a good example of this!

My mom is actually my favorite example of someone who has made a mindset shift to food prepping. She never really enjoyed cooking when I was growing up. In fact she often said, “I hate cooking.” She’s 76 this year, and she’s falling in love with cooking for the first time in her life. She now loves my Gourmet Done Skinny Meal Method of cooking and preserving extras for later. She absolutely loves going to her freezer and picking out, “What’s for dinner?” on the days she doesn’t have time or want to cook.

She's vegan and my dad is not, but cooking is no longer such a huge issue. Before it was such a stress, but she has changed her mindset, her way of cooking and now she actually looks forward to it. If she can change her mindset after all these years, so can you!

The GDS Method can be used with almost any recipe that can be frozen. Worried about special diets? No need! You can adapt most recipes to my Gourmet Done Skinny Meal Method.

And the testimonials speak for themselves...

I became a member of Food Prep For Foodies & it’s the best thing I could have ever done for my family!! Our freezer is full of a variety of entrees, desserts, snacks, soups & sauces ready to be thawed, heated & eaten right at our fingertips!! With the high price of groceries, I can’t tell you how much money we have saved as there’s no more wasting those extra buns, rolls & chips with the vacuum seal method. I have learned so much from Amy’s book & videos. I used to hate to cook but have found The Power Of Food Prep method so much fun & “empowering “. Thank you Amy for passing on all your tried & true recipes & tricks & tips to make cooking enjoyable!

Carolyn McClanahan

Kirksville, Missouri

So what is Food Prep for Foodies Membership?

The Food Prep for Foodies is a module training membership that gives you the clarity and confidence to food prep and create healthy gourmet meals for your family. You can use my method with my recipes or your own.

The Food Prep for Foodies Journey

Get a sneak peak of what's inside...

"You're Fully Covered" Guarantee: Try the Food Prep for Foodies Membership for a Full 7 Days, 100% Risk-Free

So Let's Recap... Here's What You Get With Food Prep For Foodies

Food Prep For Foodies With All Modules

You'll get Food Prep for Foodies and core modules showing you the exact steps to transform into a Food Prep Foodie.

Fresh Monthly Content

Unique recipes and videos available only to the membership. I'll also be doing monthly cooking demos just for you!

Exclusive Discussion Group

This is where I'll be going live in our private Facebook group-just for us. I'll demonstrate new recipes, techniques and more! You help pick the topics! This is also a place where you can share your experiences, strategies and recipes with each other.

Ability to Help Shape the Membership

I want your input and feedback. Through our interaction and discussion, you will help shape the vision for what this membership becomes.

$29.97 USD Per Month

$299.97 USD Per Year


Payment Methods Accepted

Get in touch with us if you have any questions!



A set of 1 cup Souper Cubes

My Power of Food Prep Book

"You're Fully Covered" Guarantee: Try the Food Prep for Foodies Membership for a Full 7 Days, 100% Risk-Free

If you are unhappy with Food Prep for Foodies during the first week, I want to give you your money back.

Any questions or concerns, we're happy to help.

[email protected]

But Fair Warning!

The Food Prep for Foodies Registration
Period Closes June 26th, 11:59 PM PT

There is a specific reason the registration period for Food Prep for Foodies Membership is only available for a short period of time.

I like spending more of my time serving my audience vs. promoting to my audience. So like a college or university, enrollment is only open for a short period of time. Then we shift gears to focus our energy on teaching, supporting, and helping you become a Food Prep Foodie Pro.

That's why it's important you know that the registration period ends at 11:59 pm PT on June 26th, 2022. You must register before this time.

There will be no exceptions and no reopens.

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